Coaching/Officials Bursaries

SCAA offers bursaries to affiliated clubs to support club members complete recognised courses.

  • Coach Award – £140
  • Coaching Assistant Award – £100
  • Coaching in Running Fitness – £130
  • Leadership in Running Fitness – £80
  • UKA officials Safeguarding (mandatory) – £10

For coaches / leaders courses

To apply contact Terry McEntee on stating:

  • Name of club
  • Name of the club member
  • Name of the course
  • The date and Venue of the course
  • Brief statement on how the member supports the club
  • Name, position in club and Email address of club member making the application

When the application is approved Terry will inform the club member making the application
When the course has been completed this person informs Terry who then arranges for the reimbursement
Name of club account will be required to which the cheque will be made payable and name and address of person to whom cheque should be sent
Terry to be informed when club receives the cheque

For mandatory online Officials Safeguarding course

  • Official, who must be on the SCAA Officials List, to contact Terry as above and Joe Mower on
  • Official to pay up front for the course and send the official confirmation of completion to Terry and Joe with name of account to which cheque made payable and address to which cheque to be sent following which the reimbursement will be made

Coaching Secretary: Terry McEntee
t: 0777 555 7784