1st Cross Country National Champion

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1st Suffolk representative in Inter Counties Fell Running

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The British Inter Counties Fell Running Championships

Saturday 16th May 2015

Betws-y-Coed, North Wales

Report from  Sean O'Halloran BSc (Hons.)

This year I became a member of the FRA and while reading the 2015 handbook i discovered there were inter county fell championships each year. I looked through some of the old results and realised my home county of Suffolk was not represented in fell running.  

Seeing an opportunity, I sent the Suffolk County Athletics Association an email and was given the agreement for me to represent Suffolk in the coming inter counties fell champs race and with that I obtained my Suffolk vest. 

It was finally here!! Race day. Following a good energy rich breakfast and half a pot of coffee we headed off to Betwys-y-Coed nice and early. Knowing parking could be a challenge and not wanting to rush we allowed plenty of time. 

The senior men's race was at 1300 and as we arrived just before 1130 we had plenty of time to look around. I went up to the finish area to collect my race number and discovered no kit was needed, not even checked !! 

Time managed to go quickly and soon there was only 30mins to the off. I made sure I did a good warm up and stretch and with a kiss to Elaine and Niamh I went to the start line where I chatted to fellow runners including Tom Adams from Ilkley Harriers. 

The course took runners from the start and finish areas in the picturesque village of Betws-Y-Coed around nearby Forestry in the Snowdonia National Park. The route used a course similar to the ones that will be used for the World Mountain Running Championships that take place at the same venue in September 2015.

I think there were about 90 of us on the start line, although this was also an open race there were not many non county vests. I soon realised I was very likely to finish last, but I was here and I was going to enjoy it as much as possible. 

Straight from the off the route climbs and climbs and climbs for the first mile. The men's start was further down the hill towards the river and we had to run past the finish line. With lots clapping and cheering we zigzag our way up the hill. Once off the track and onto the rough steep hill I soon lost sight of the other runners and settled into my own race. 

There were three brutal climbs in the race totalling a total elevation gain of 1700 feet in 7 miles. 

After the first mile the course moves into an undulating section (in comparison to the rest of the route) which leads to the Marian mountain bike trail. This was one of the highlights of the route, the section was undulating, technical in places and twisty which made for perfect trail running. 

Following the Marian trail the route headed downwards and some relief for the calf muscles and time for the quads to burn. There were plenty of rocks and tree roots to negotiate with patches mud thrown in for good measure but fast descending was possible.  

Just when the legs were recovering from the first climb, we were sent on the extension to the first lap. This extension was tough and took us on the steepest part of the race. With hands on knees and the occasional scramble the course looped back up to the top of the Marian trail and back onto the normal loop. From here it was mainly all down hill to the finish area.

Just before the final section leading to the finish area I was greeted with claps and cheers from Elaine and Niamh and a team manager from Devon gave me a bottle or water which was welcomed. 

From here I ran past Eileen Woodhead who offered words of encouragement while taking photos. By the time I had reached the finish area I had been lapped and the leaders who had already finished. The finish area was off to the left but I headed right to start my second lap. 

My legs and lungs asking what the hell I was doing, I could see the finished runners rehydrating and enjoying a chat. But I ploughed on and started my second lap. This lap was the same at the first, without the extension, but with tired legs seamed harder than the first. 

The final descent was more enjoyable than first time round as I knew it lead to the finish line. Onto the final session I could hear the PA system getting louder and before I know it the finish was in sight. Running past a cheering Elaine and Niamh I pushed on to the finish line just in time to see the presentations. 

Upon crossing the line I was handed a welcomed bottle of water and received handshakes of congratulations from the lead guys. 

Yes I came last, but in reality I was never going to finish anywhere else. The class of runner on display today was awesome and I was proud to be part of it representing my home county. I finished in a time of 1:44:02. 

The winner of the senior men's race was Andrew Douglas from Scotland West in a time of 45:26. The winner of the senior ladies race (slightly shorter route with no extended session) was Emma Clayton in 40:29. 

The winning senior men's team was Yorkshire while the winning senior ladies team was Cumbria.







































Picture by Allan Rooke


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